• Simple Interface

    BugBranch allows you to easily track source code commits, manage issues, and follow discussions for every project you work on in one place. BugBranch can clone an entire repository to your mobile device, allowing you to view source code and changelogs offline.

    BugBranch also allows you to create, discuss, categorize, and assign issues in many popular issue tracking systems from a single interface.

  • Code and Issue Tracking

    Whether you are using public or private git, mercurial, or subversion repositories, BugBranch can clone your source code to your mobile device. BugBranch features syntax highlighting, a diff viewer, commit message search, and many other powerful features for visualizing your source code and maximizing your productivity.

    BugBranch also has native support for commercial and open source issue tracking and build systems, including bitbucket, github, redmine, trac, JIRA, and Bamboo.

  • Stay On Top of Things

    BugBranch's event view shows changes across all of your projects in chronological order. See who checked in source code today, new issues that have been reported, new releases in the Python Package Index, and the latest security fixes in the Rails GitHub repository.

    Give immediate feedback on an issue assigned to you, view its details, change its status, or reassign it to another developer.